Grishko Pointe shoes are incredibly well-made and, if cared for properly, will last a long time and keep your feet safe. However, the rigours of your ballet practice will eventually wear out even the toughest of shoes. We always recommend that you should have 2 pairs of pointe shoes that you switch between.

Your Grishko shoes should be replaced if:

  • The toe box feels soft the moment you put the shoe on and no longer supports your toes as it once used to – it is very dangerous to continue wearing pointe shoes that no longer support your toe joints
  • The platform is no longer stiff
  • The toe box is too soft, mushy, cracked or damaged
  • The shank no longer supports your foot as it once used to or has become soft, mushy, cracked or damaged
  • You begin to feel pain in areas you never felt pain before
  • You begin to fall off pointe when you try to balance or fall forward out of turns
  • You feel that you are no longer able to push over the box