Seamless Undergarments

Grishko undergarments are customizable! you'll love this DIY product.

How to use Ribbons with Elastic

A step-by-step guide.

Model 10 - Ballet Slipper

The Model 10 is Grishko's highest vamp in Ballet Slippers.

Model 4 & Model 6 Ballet Slippers

Discover the differences between the two!

Pointe Shoe Protector

Discover how to keep your pointe shoes looking new!

Dance Sock

Key benefits & why it is the ideal turning sock.

Mini Silicone Toe Pads

Discover the key benefits to these little gems!

Grishko Materials

Find out what materials Grishko uses to make their pointe shoes.

Grishko Knitwear 

Made up of Italian yarn and frequent testing.

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