Performance model shoes are unique and exclusive creations of the Grishko craftsmen. They include all the exceptional features of our classic pointe shoe models but are enhanced with the Grishko Pro and Flex technologies.

A Grishko Performance shoe is ideal if you:

  • Must have quieter shoes for a stage performance or exam
  • Need extra support behind your toes but flexibility in your arch
  • Need extra elasticity in the box of the shoe
  • Wish to build a strong foot through the use of a flexible shoe
  • Experience difficulties reaching full pointe
  • Require a new shoe that will break in quickly for an upcoming performance or exam
  • Want to make a wider foot look longer and more elegant
  • Need a lighter, more comfortable shoe
  • Have an exam, audition, recital or stage performance routine that requires a more flexible shoe
  • Have inflexible ankles or a weak foot and find it a challenge to get over the box of your shoe
  • Have a very high, average or low arch – these shoes provide superior support to all kinds of arches
  • Are particularly flat footed or low arched and require a shoe that will give your arch shape and elegance
  • Require a springier shank that will make it easier to rise up and down on pointe
  • Do not have time to break in your shoes
  • Want longer-lasting, more durable shanks